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Class of 1972

We hope your 50-year journey provided you with health, prosperity, and happiness.

Here we are – assembled again 50 years after graduating from High School.  If asked in our early 20’s how long 50 years would be, we can all attest now that it is a hell of a lot shorter than we anticipated then.

And we are fortunately not the decrepit old men & women that we had envisioned then, either.  I know it, you know it, we all know it to be true because our peers tell us, “You look great, you haven’t changed a bit.”  We smile, suck in, and agree to this alternative truth – disregarding anything on the inside that hurts.

Now it’s our 50th.   We were in High School during the Vietnam War and its many protests were going on, the Great Society was forming, the marches by SNCC and NAACP on the issues of segregation were promising new freedoms, and the Beatles were in their glory along with the best music ever, and the personal computer would not arrive on the scene for another eight years.  And then life moved on.

Our life experiences have had a profound impact on creating who we are and we now view them through the prism of age, experience, and the wisdom that hopefully accompanied that age and those life experiences and use them as a blueprint for our understanding of self.

For most of us, the three years spent here at Wayne Memorial High School came at a critical time in our personal growth when in the fall of 1972 we were all off the leash and headed for college, trade school, Vietnam, married, and having children.

We all emerged from those three years with more exposure and a heightened awareness of who we are, how to find facts and truths, and a distinct sense of curiosity and a desire to learn more about the world in which we live.

We hope you opened your hearts and minds to this occasion and enjoy a unique time to be with classmates who have also had lives rich with 50 years of experience since those original years here in Wayne, MI.

May your next 50-year journey provide you with the same blessings as the first 50 years.

Did you know some of the notable alumni?

Besides the class of 1972
Climbing Plants

Notable alumni include Pat Sheridan, current Principal, a former major league baseball player for the Detroit Tigers and Kansas City Royals, and Lorenzo Guess, who played both football and basketball collegiately at Michigan State University and is currently a member of MSU’s football coaching staff.

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